Monday, December 19, 2011

Poop Flinging 101

I like to write. But I haven’t written anything for fun (besides music parodies) in some time. I want to change that. And since we live in the age of the Narcissist, I want to share my writing with the world so you can all tell me how great I am. Or tell me how I suck. The Narcissist feeds off of both responses.
I’m not too familiar with blogs, but I figured the logistics can’t be too hard. I just hope I’m not like the hundreds of other people who write one blog, then run out of things to say or lose motivation and are never heard from again. And if that happens, so be it. I’m not getting paid for this (yet…what’s up Google?!?!) so I’m not going to bust my ass over it. But writing has always been something I want to do, or claim I want to do, so shouldn’t I want to work hard at it? Simple answer: yes. Answer taking in the complexities of life: yes. But it’s hard, especially considering that my job(s) largely consist of writing and or editing/correcting other people's writing. And I like to have an active social life, as well as watch my shows and movies, and play video games, and read, and sleep. So it’s difficult…but that’s no excuse. There’s never a valid enough excuse to not do what you want to do, unless what you want to do is fling poop at children in the park. Then there’s no reason that’s not valid enough to not do it. The point is, hopefully this will be a regular thing, and hopefully you will enjoy it, if you even read it. And if you don’t, I understand. There’s a lot of poop to fling.
I Love You All…Class Dismissed. 

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