Monday, December 26, 2011

More Throwbacks than Mitchell and Ness

Continuing the theme of posting old stuff from college, but moving on from the theme of holiday kidnapping/brainwashing/possible Santa Sanduskies, here is a poem I wrote at UConn. I am not a huge fan of poetry, unless it is over a beat, and if the class wasn’t required I wouldn’t have taken it. But it forced me to try a style of writing that I had not tried previously, and I like challenges This was the best poem I wrote for that class, and it got a decent response from my teacher and classmates. It probably helped that it is lighthearted and I read it immediately after a guy read his poem about all his friends dying in a car accident. Timing is everything…

“The Cheesiest”

Small white spirals
Soft melting yellow butter,
Never margarine,
Quarter cup whole milk—
Skim would be sin.
Powdered cheddar cheese:
Heaven in small packaging.

Butter, powder, milk, spirals,
Slowly mixing,
Magically blending into a brilliant gold.
Imperfections in the integration process
Creating small treasures
Golden chunks of cheese
Tiny powdery boulders
Becoming cheesy taste explosions,
These few golden nuggets
Making the whole effort worthwhile.

Only twenty minutes
To reach taste bud bliss.

I didn’t mention any names, but obviously Kraft is the best mac and cheese, and only powdered cheese is acceptable, not that cheese sauce BS. And don’t even get me started on that “Easy Mac” travesty.
I Love You All…Class Dismissed.

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