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Best and Worst Shows of 2011

Ok, so I'm a day late with this post. I had to work yesterday, and now I'm posting on a Saturday (New Year's Eve, no less) for you people, so stop complaining. Let's get to it!

Best Shows of 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 I love this show. And I thought they would never top last season with the Seinfeld reunion. I was wrong. Almost every episode was an instant classic. The Jews vs. the Palestine Deli was unbelievably funny, and the Michael J. Fox episode stands as one of my favorite single shows, in tv history, ever. Larry David has a way of dealing with serious social issues and turning them into the most awkward, hilarious scenes on tv. Other highlights (too many to list) were the young, gay kid who sewed a swastika onto a pillow and the car periscope. Plus, Larry and Leon’s interactions are still better than anything on tv.

Treme Season 2 Treme really hit its stride this year. The first season was all background, with a focus on the music and culture of New Orleans. Season 2 kept that focus, but put the characters more in to the forefront. And there were some really good story lines, including a devastating death to a main character.

South Park Season 15 Even in a world where The Human Centipede is an actual movie (and now a sequel!) South Park remains one of the most outrageous shows on television. It helps that they did a parody of The Human Centipede. What separates it from other outrageous cartoons (mainly Family Guy) is its level of intelligence (and grasp of character and plot) amongst the fart jokes. I like Family Guy, but it’s not a show, it’s just a series of cut-away jokes. And I still like The Simpsons, but it hasn’t been really funny in over a decade. Anyways, South Park remained hilarious and outrageous as always. Not every episode is a winner, but episodes like Broadway Bro Down (the blow job musical episode) show that Trey and Matt still have a lot of juice left.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 Rum Ham! The most outrageous live-action comedy on tv, It’s Always Sunny was on fire this season. Fat Mac was a constant sight gag that really worked. Hopefully their success doesn’t get to their heads and they keep making the show, instead of trying to go Hollywood.

Daily Show/Colbert Report Each and every politician gets slayed by these two. Jon Stewart is more on point and direct with his political skewering, Colbert is more absurd, and hilarious. I watch these guys religiously and I’m proud to say it’s where I get most of my political news.

Game of Thrones 1 I’m not into the fantasy genre. I’m not big on dungeons and dragons and so forth, but this show is CRAZY! Every episode is enjoyable. Dwarves, beheadings, and gratuitous nudity: all you could ask for in a tv show. It helps that its superbly written, with great characters and acting (especially the dwarf). Apparently, the books that the show is based on are excellent, too. I think I’m in love with the white-haired dragon lady, so I’ll definitely be watching this next season.

Hung Season 2 It was a very enjoyable season, with The Punisher banging one of his past (hot) high school students and getting a BJ from a tranny. However, as the show implied, the world just isn’t fair to male prostitutes: HBO cancelled Hung, but Cathouse is going into its 33rd season.

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Best one-hour drama on tv right now. It was great last year, and it wholly improved this year. Death, disloyalty, drinking, and infidelity…every episode. The masked man is easily my favorite character. The season finale is fantastic, and astute viewers will know what’s coming before it happens, much like Jimmy saw it coming. (SPOILER ALERT! Whoops, I’m supposed to say that before I reveal anything, huh?).

Best of the shows I finally caught on to this year:

Dexter Season 1 Great premise. Great main character/actor. A little slow at points, but I can definitely see what the hype is about. Looking to catch up to the current season, but I’ll be watching the following shows first.

Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Cool show. A glimpse into the life of biker gangs. Apparently, they are pretty despicable people. All of the characters are bad human beings, but the show remains compelling and entertaining. It doesn’t really glorify the lifestyle; in fact, the main character is constantly dealing with mixed emotions about the gang life, so there is some moral complexity on display here. Mostly it’s just bad ass biker boyz banging strippers, selling guns, and killing Mexican bikers or their fellow bikers wives. Basically, it’s awesome.

Breaking Bad Season 1 Brilliant. I love Bryan Cranston (by far the best part of Malcolm in the Middle) and he absolutely nails this character. I’ve never even seen crystal meth, so it’s interesting to see that world. When I went to Albuquerque, I was not informed of the city’s favorite past time. I’ve only seen the first season (which I watched in less than 10 hours) so I hope Walter White doesn’t turn into a Season 6 Nancy Botwin, but I’ll find out soon enough.

Worst Shows of  2011

Weeds Season 6 I’m a season behind on this one, but I don’t get Showtime, so I have to rely on my friend’s blu-ray collection (Thanks, Timmy!). Weeds jumped the shark some point in Season 5, and Season 6 was just not good overall. There’s just not enough Kevin Nealon.  It had some enjoyable moments, but Nancy has become simply unlikable. And that would be fine, but that’s not what the show was built on. She was a normal housewife who had to sell weed to support her family. Now she is this entirely different character, a gangster killer/whore/complete cunt (sorry, Mom) which changes the entire tone of the show. Not to mention, her youngest son is now a cold-blooded killer…and he manages to make that uncool. I'm guessing Season 7 isn't much better, but I could be wrong (I doubt it).

Entourage, Season We Should Have Quit A Long Time Ago Ahh, Entourage. I’ve been watching you for the past 4 seasons or so simply because of your first few seasons and your unlimited potential. I have been severely disappointed. This season was the worst. I’d rather watch The Making of Mike and Molly. Every season I hold out the hope that you’ll return to your roots, and just focus on Vince banging hotties and Ari making hilarious, racist, homophobic slurs. But no, you had to go and put Ari through a divorce and give Turtle his own business(es). And what is up with Andrew Dice Clay? He was famous for 2 seconds in the early 90’s, and even then, most people hated him. So you decide to base an entire subplot around him? Just unexplainable. And "E" is easily the most unwatchable character on tv. Please don’t make a movie, because I will have to see it, and I will hate myself for it.

Got favorite shows you think I should watch? Let me know!
I Love You All…Class Dismissed.

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