Thursday, January 12, 2012

spittin wicked randomness

followin the jbeez lead on this one. wicked randomness spittin over here. the thing is, i really started this blog for myself. its like a journal. and really it does what a journal is supposed to do, which is to express your honest feelings and articulate the thoughts/emotions you have on a given subject. its like therapy. cheap therapy.

but it also exposes my thoughts/emotions to the world. literally, the world. which is cool. i usually keep most of my thoughts to myself, or only express my thoughts to a chosen few, but i feel more comfortable expressing myself through the written word, and this gives me the platform to do just that on a large scale. this helps me bring out my real feelings. it helps me reflect upon and analyze my thoughts, and it makes me more honest, with myself, and with the world.

i think that if everyone was more honest with each other, one hundred percent honest, we would all be better off. cliche cliche disney movie blah blah i know. but cliches are there for a reason. they are usually true. we all have secrets. and yet we all judge each other when those secrets come to light. well, lets bring all those secrets to the light. maybe we'll be less judgmental. and honestly the internet and 24/7 news stations are starting to expose more people's real lives. even when people dont want it or know about it. especially when they dont want it or know about it. dont know if its made people less judgmental though. so fuck that theory.

i love chaos. the motto of one of my favorite shows ever was "exposing chaos where it exists and creating chaos where it does not." that's the motto of Spoven Weedle Presents... that show and that motto (amongst other things) have really helped shape my life, but also helped me to look at my life in a positive way. before i knew about the show, my life was somewhat chaotic at times, and i seemed to enjoy that for whatever reason. but i also thought i was in the wrong for enjoying it. this show helped me accept the way i live and the way i view the world.

dont accept the status quo or the popular view on anything. sometimes the popular view is right (another lesson i needed to learn and have come to gradually accept) but sometimes you need to go against the popular view or the commonly held beliefs. and thats okay. in fact, in many cases, thats how we make positive progress as a society. im not saying im going to start some kind of revolution with my way of thinking, but i do think that it's important that we have people who are willing to go against the grain.

just ate a white pizza with ricotta, tomatoes, and chicken. that was awesome. sometimes, a good meal will change your entire day, or your entire mood for that day. that is almost common sense, because food will obviously change our mood when we go from starving to satisfied, but other things can change your entire day too. like a good song that comes up randomly on your ipod. or a smile from a stranger you pass on the street. or a compliment from a friend or coworker. that can change your mood for that instant, which has an effect on your mood for the rest of the day, which can affect how you look at your entire week, etc...butterfly efffect and what not. ashton's best and maybe only good role. time travel movies/books always bring up a lot of good questions. some make you think about the consequences of time travel on the current state of reality, some deal with time travel in order to make u think about social/personal issues, some are for pure entertainment and awesomeness, some make up their own rules and dont care about what you think, and some are just absolutely absurd yet undoubtedly brilliant and possibly the key to world peace (more on that later).

where am i going with this rambling nonsense? nowhere. thats why i love this blog thing. i can just put up whatever the hell i want. if i want to put this on my blog i can. and you cant say shit. or, you can say shit. or i can fix my comment section so u cant say shit. but then u could start your own blog and do nothing but talk shit  about me.

thats beautiful.

enjoy your life.

I Love You All (even if you start a blog to talk shit about me)...Class Dismissed.


Ray said...

Cool read...I like ur insight bro. Bill and Ted and world peace...hmmm good correlation. Interested in reading how you tie them together.

Prof.Thug. said...

Thanks man! Bill and Ted's is genius (no sarcasm). My Excellent Thesis will be forthcoming...PEACE!