Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drake's Cakes "Bread Lines (Mayo)": Behind the Music with Fat Margie

So I don’t want to seem like I’m jumping on the “make fun of Drake” bandwagon, but I’ve been mocking his monotone nonsense for a while now, so if anything, people have been following me on that. I’m still working on improving the audio for my videos, and then improving the videos themselves, but this one came out all right. The whole “look at my face as I rap off-beat” thing is getting a little old, but it’s fun. That's all that really matters. I enjoy it even if you don't; and if you do enjoy it, spread it around! Make me viral! Make me Weird Al!

Wait, I take that back...

So now that I have my own blog, I can do a whole behind-the-scenes/making-of type thing. To start off, I want to explain a little about "Fat Margie". Yes, the character portrayed in my song parodies is based on a real person. She is a very large person. And she is a very sexual person, as a few of my friends can attest. More than anything though, she is a sweetheart, and all of these songs are made with love. She is indeed my muse. I try to branch out and do other things, but she keeps pulling me back in. It's like she has her own gravitational pull. 

Over the years, Fat Margie has become something more than just a nickname for one over-sized woman. She is a symbol, a representation of the excesses of American society. A symbol of the broken healthcare system and a testament to the rampant glorification of unhealthy lifestyles. We have an epidemic of obesity on our hands, and yet the First Lady is labeled a socialist for encouraging exercise and eating more fruits and vegetables

I think we need to be sensitive about people's differences and flaws, and ensure their right to privacy and freedom to choose, but I also think we need to be real with ourselves. We are fat. We have no one to blame but ourselves...and Ronald McDonald. But we can change, and the change needs to come from within. Sometimes, humor can inspire people to change. I'm not saying my music will improve the world, I mean I'm not the Wyld Stallyns, but maybe, just maybe, a fat little child will see this song and take pride in her oval shape and be inspired to put down the cheese fries and pick up an apple.  

As a society, we need to lighten up. I understand that women are faced with body image issues on a daily basis, and I'm not trying to belittle that or add to that. In fact, I'm trying to help women deal with those issues by saying, "Fuck your ideal body shape. I'm comfortable with who I am. And I ain't messing with no leaf eater." 

What I'm saying is, don't think too much about the meaning of my music. It's purely for fun. So just enjoy.

I’m gonna post the original song so you know what I’m really making fun of, which is Drake. He's horrible. There's no symbolism there. He's just not a good musician, yet he's very popular for some reason. Anyways, here is Drake with Headlines.

Yeah. He's the top rap artist out right now. Let that sink in. 

And here's my song (click the title). Lyrics are below for you to rap/Drake-monotone-sing along with. Enjoy!!!

Drake's Cakes

I might be too strung out on condiments
Overdose of flatulence
Farted and my drawers blew off so you should fear my excrement
Chutney every night because I even eat exotic shit
Put on way too much chili sauce I’m burning anuses
And they sayin I’m fat, I agree with that
I just take my time when I take shits I still believe in that
I had someone pass me some duck sauce ooh I needed that
teriyaki and soy packets, where I leave them at
Chinese place exaggerates the sauce, now I got a fat stack
Fuck a napkin use my shirt cause I’m just slobbin like that
You know good and well I got a weight problem like that
Go and get me barbecue and put some mayo on that
No don’t chew it, please don’t chew it, cause some of us like food
And me I overdo it
Margie love the mayo, so Margie gonna eat it
No miracle whip come on man beat it
That aint even mayo

Mayo, mayo, mayo
Mayo, mayo, mayo
Mayo, mayo, mayo
Yeah mayo yeah
the real put it on their fries
Make it super sized
I’ll even snort it don’t tempt me cuz I’ll try
Now that’s love for mayo
mayo mayo mayo

Yeah, I be puttin that mayo over everything, mayo on my mind.
Then she wanna ask why the mayo jars empty
Tell her I apologize it happened dinner time
She says I missed the worchestirshire, girl don’t tempt me
you got Dijon, I’m all over you
My heart attack is long over due
I just can’t poo when I’m supposed to poo

I’m all tied up guts rumbling all night but still I can’t produce a nice deuce
Listen to me expressing all my feelings
Sitting on the crapper all my farts sound like they are Korean
And that’s’s cuz of the msg they put on all my chicken
I guess it really is just me, myself and all my fixins
You know Roy Rogers use to got it like that.
You gone hype me up and get me all excited like that
Cause I live for condiments it aint a hobby like that
When they get my turkey sandwich, I aint even gotta say it, mayo

Mayo, mayo, mayo
Mayo, mayo, mayo
Mayo, mayo, mayo
Yeah mayo yeah
the real put it on their fries
Make it super sized
I’ll even snort it don’t tempt me cuz I’ll try
Now that’s love for mayo
mayo mayo mayo

I be putting that mayo over everything, mayo on my mind. (mind mind mind)
I will not apologize I eat it all the time (time  time time)

I Love You All (As Long As You Don't Try To Give Me Lite Mayo)...Class Dismissed.

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dade said...

Love it! And you're right - Drake is terrible. Your songs definitely have a Weird Al quality :)