Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Movin' On

(As a way to maximize sensory enjoyment of my blog, I've decided to add a soundtrack to my posts; once scratch-and-sniff technology makes an upgrade to computers, I'll add aromas as well. Listen while you read, pause it to listen to the embedded or linked videos. Or not. As a Professor, I just provide you with knowledge, I can't force you to use that knowledge, that's on you. Anyways, I thought this would be a good song to start this new aspect of the blog...Enjoy!)

Moving, although one of my favorite movies growing up, is one of my least favorite things to do. That's no shocking revelation, I'd say most people don't enjoy the process of moving; but I will be moving soon, and I have to do all the little things (change my billing address for several accounts, cancel the services at my current address, etc.) as well as the big things (move everything I own in life, etc.) that everyone hates doing, and I thought I'd write about it. It is all for the better, so it needs to be done. I try to embrace change openly because I believe in the cliche "change is the only constant in life", and if you don't actively change, the world around you will anyway, leaving you behind. Sometimes you have to give up something you're very comfortable with to improve your life and avoid stagnation. The improvements take time and effort, but in the long run, it's all worth it, and you'll eventually reach another, higher level of comfort.

So I'm changing my address for the first time in almost 7 years. It's been a long time, and I'm ready to move on. It will be a sad day, and I'm not sure how I'll express my feelings. Let's see how 1990's sitcom characters would act in this situation:

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Ah yes, the old "stare at an empty room and sigh, then say goodbye." Apparently so all the dust-mites will know you're moving on to another stage in your life (or that you weren't renewed for next season). You gotta love old sitcoms.

As you can see, I chose the quote from Boy Meets World for my closing line of this blog; not because I liked the show (I watched it rarely and thought it sucked, except for Topenga, who I hope sucked HEY-YO!) but for many other reasons. First off, it is true in its sentiment: I do love you all. Secondly, I think it's a relevant sign-off for me as a Professor; I feel this blog is similar to a class, teaching anyone who reads it about the way I view the world. Better yet, allowing me to learn how to more effectively express my views about the world. I also chose the quote because in the show, it represented change, and change is really a force that I have come to appreciate over the years. In this particular scene, change is reflected in the corniest, most contrived way possible, but that's also what's great about it. I grew up on shows like the ones in the video above, and they all treated real life situations as if they were the cheesiest Hallmark cards imaginable come to life. When I was young, I didn't notice it as much, and I enjoyed those shows as only a not-yet-cynical young child can. Now I just appreciate those old shows ironically, and because of nostalgia. They aren't really funny, but they are so bad it's funny to think you once thought they were funny.
So the Boy Meets World quote really captures all of these sentiments. I think it reflects and encapsulates the essence of this blog as a whole: intellectual, ridiculous, sentimental, humorous, sarcastic yet also honest, cheesy, and pop-culturally (I made that up!) significant.

And right now, it just so happens to reflect my life. I am moving out, and moving on. I'll still be in the same general area, I'll still have the same jobs, and I'll still be close to most of my friends and family; however, I'm finally breaking free of the shackles of 6C, aka the Land of the Lotus Eaters. I feel like 7 years have simply passed me by without even realizing it, albeit really enjoying it. What have I done with my life? Have I really made the most of every day, or have I squandered my prime by simply enjoying the pleasures of modernity and my bachelor lifestyle? And where is my stretch Hummer? I should have 2 by now.

In reality, though, I've accomplished more in these last 7 years than in the rest of my life combined. I finished my Master's; I published a few articles in magazines; I published a few books for other people; I made some great friends and had some terrific relationships; I've had countless mind-blowing mental journeys without leaving the couch; I started working at Pathways/Senderos (literally the best job I've ever had by far); I started working at Tunxis Community College (the next best job I've ever had); I got a lizard (two actually, RIP Grandpa); I bought a 52-inch flat screen tv as well as a HyundAAAIII!; and I started the hottest new blog on the world wide webnet. Not a bad list.

These last 7 years have been great. I've enjoyed my current residence as much, if not more, than any place I've lived, including New Orleans and UConn. Much like my time at UConn, I learned the importance of finding a balance between work and play; I learned how to proceed onward in my odyssey without having to leave the land of the lotus eaters. In fact, the land of the lotus eaters becomes even more enjoyable when you are productive; you can relax and enjoy yourself a lot more at night or on the weekends after working hard at achieving your goals all day during the week.
I've certainly made my share of mistakes while I've been here, but judging from life experience, I'd have made the same mistakes anywhere. I can honestly say I'm taking the lessons learned from my mistakes a lot more seriously these days. I've done a lot of growing up here, all while completely enjoying life.

And now it is on to the next stage of my life. In New Britain, Connecticut, of all places. I've been working there for the past 8 years, so it's about time, but it's still a bit difficult considering I spent my entire college career shitting all over my roommate for being from New Britain. Oh well, all a part of the Circle I guess...

"Prof Thug Moves On", starring yours truly. I'm looking forward to it. Lot of change going on right now, and as this blog serves to reflect my life, I figured I'd change it up a bit as well. Adaptation is the key to life, not just Nicholas Cage's best movie.

So there you have it. As Mr. Feeney so eloquently stated:

I Love You All (Here's Lookin' At You, 6C)...Class Dismissed.


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awesome bro........awesome

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thank you my anonymous friend!