Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Song of the Moment

So here I am sitting at home after a night out with the guys, and I want to hear a good song to zone out to and enjoy without thinking too much, one that allows me to simply vibe to the beat and/or laugh along with the lyrics, and I found one that does both:

Schoolboy Q, "Gangsta in Designer (No Concept)". He has one of the worst names in hip-hop, but he's also one of the most interesting and talented people in hip-hop. This song has a great beat and a very simple concept (in spite of the subtitle "No Concept"), but he kills it with funny storytelling and wordplay and something that's often missing in hip-hop, humor. The ad-libs ("Yeah!") are hilarious to me every time. He has that off-kilter (aka weird) yet very cool persona, and his flow/style follows suit. This song is definitely the best representation of his work so far and hopefully he keeps making music in this same vein. I've come to like him a lot since I learned about him a few months ago, and I've even come to appreciate his silly rapper name. Keep up the good work, Quincey.

I Love You All...Class Dismissed.

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