Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life is Good

Im just feeling really good right now. It's a week and a day after my 33rd birthday (and its actually my brother's 37th bday, Happy Day Mike!). Im listenin to my Curren$y/Smoke DZA "Jet Life" playlist (currently playing Michael Knight remix with Raekwon) drinking a Crown and Coke, gettin ready for kickball. I have great friends and a great family and a great job and another great job once september comes and a great place to live and an awesome lizard and a semi-retarded but really awesome dog and i really couldnt ask for anything more.
Yup. Thats all i really had to say. Wanted to share it.

Side note: I used to draw cartoons of people in really precarious/awful situations with the caption "Dont worry, Be happy." I remember one time in 6th grade my teacher caught me drawing one. She took it, looked at it, and laughed. I went from almost freaking out to being immensely proud. I shared every one with her from then on. It was a much different experience than when the recycling-education superhero Ray Cycle came to our school for an assembly and my 5th grade teacher caught me drawing a parody of him called "Ray Tarded". Yeah, she didn't like that.

I Love You All...Class Dismissed.

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