Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A robin lay lifeless at the base of a tree
The sun shining down
Mocking the symbol of spring's arrival
Or bringing new life to its meaning.

Life is beautiful
Carrying on despite the eventuality of death
Or because of it.
The fresh green grass sprouting up though the dried brown
The hot sun warming up the cold ground

Reminders of the past and the future lay all around.
Those eyes. Those eyes.
Those portals to nothingness
A reminder of what awaits us all
A reminder of what came before

The body remains as a memento
Left behind for the living
So moving in its stillness.
The sun shining down

A robin lay lifeless at the base of a tree
The symbol of spring's arrival
The symbol of new life
Now representing death
Death is beautiful

(this is what happens when you're sick and you take a lot of dayquil/nyquil and watch way too much Dexter)

I Love You All...Class Dismissed

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