Thursday, February 28, 2013

It is who I am

I have been on this Earth, during this episode of existence, for over 11,000 days so far. I am hoping to go another 11,000. A lot of people like to measure their own mortality in years, giving into the idea that the concept of "age" really exists. I have shunned such thought (albeit logical) for a more radical outlook on personal growth. I have never bought into the notion that your age matters, but instead, it is the experience and your interpretation of those experiences that matter. Age is just a way for us to try and measure someone’s life in a comprehensible way, a way that makes sense to us. People always ask each other, "hey, how old are you?" Regardless of the answer, what does it really tell you about the person? NOTHING!!!! Telling someone my age does not given them any insight into me as a human besides the fact that I have survived this long. I know some 18 year olds that are more mature and serious than a lot of 30 year olds; some 30 year olds more mature than 50 year olds. I am sure we all do, and that has really been the sticking point for me to think of myself, and others, in terms of days, not year. Every day is a new experience. Every day is a chance to learn something, to evolve, to become a better person. Not every year, EVERY DAY. If more people took the time to slow down life and see that we all are just living in a collection of moments then it is of this humble opinion that people would be generally happier, more content and more satisfied with what they DO have instead of what they DON'T have. It sounds very hokey, but live for the moment. Life is fleeting.

You wake up one day and someone you love is gone. Do you think about how old you are at that moment or do you begin to reflect upon fond experiences you had with that person???? Age does not matter; how a person makes you feel does. Call me crazy (and a lot of people do) but if we treated each day with a passion for betterment of self and society, with a thirst for experience (good and bad) and with a desire to make tomorrow brighter for everyone, would the world not be a stronger, more harmonious place??? Of course, this utopian outlook is usually called foolish, impossible and downright hippy-ish. But just for a second consider it. Consider if people were no longer stigmatized by age, but instead what they know. Consider if people were encouraged to give back, instead of take. Consider if people forgot about time and ALWAYS just enjoyed the moment.

We are all we have done, all we have felt and all we have thought and that is all we are.

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