Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Rays of a New Rising Sun

Welcome to Wild World of the Weedle, where "peace" and "chaos" live happily in harmony. It is a pleasure to be able to write alongside such literary geniuses as the Prof. Thug-Nug and the unpredictable and infallible doggie, Stoned Willy Poonhound. What a blog this will be!!!!!!!

A "wise" person once told me that in order to change the world, you going to have to start from your corner. Consider this blog part of that corner. As has been written in the past, this blog will contain humor, fictitious stories, factual stories, music, art, feelings, emotions and a whole slew of truthiness about the realities of our lives and how we have perceived those experiences. It’s like a literary jambalaya for your souls and minds. Chicken Soup ain't got shit on the Weedle!!!!!!

All three of us have our own styles of writing, and all three styles are unique to our personalities. I know how I write. I know what I like to talk about and how I like to say things, in the same way that Prof. Thugalicious knows how he writes, and what he likes to write about. All three of us are different in that respect, BUT at the end of the day we all have the same goals in mind: to make our readers look at the world a little different, experience things a little differently and encourage others to read write and think (well at least me and the Prof want those things, that poonhound only got two goals on his mind, one rhymes with hugs the other with moon). As we throw more and more words onto these pages, I hope that people gain a greater insight into who we are, where we are from, what we think and how the mind of the Weedle works.

So, let’s begin this new day on this new blog!

Flashback 2001 - University of Connecticut

I woke up this morning, just like any other morning. Translation: I stayed in my bed until I was forcefully woken up by one of my three roommates at the time. That was how my college days living at E9 went. Schedule classes for late mornings, early afternoons and wake up when I liked and went to bed whenever. But this day was different. This day had a bad vibe from the onset. As I lay in my bed, damning the sun from shining through my window, my roommate Geoff came in the room with a look of concern on his face. He said something like, "Yo, there is some crazy shit happening right now." Half asleep, I am completely confused. He walks over to my TV, turns it on and changes the channel from its semi=permanent state of being on ESPN to the local news channel. After wiping the sleep from my eyes I began to see why he was so concerned. Right there on my little 13 inch TV I saw one of the Twin Towers with a big hole in it, on fire. WTF!!!!! As we both sat there watching, for a good ten minutes, all of a sudden we see the OTHER tower catching on fire. Oh Shit!!!!! We had no clue the who, what and why of the situation. All we knew is that we were looking at two of the most iconic buildings in the World, set on fire and in a state of emergency. It did not come out right away what exactly was happening so, I took my shower and, begrudgidly, went to class. I would have stayed home all day watching TV because I am a news whore when it comes to, well, anything of worldly importance. But instead I made the trek to my Amer. Lit. class. That is when things really started to hit home about the reality of what was happening. Once I am in class, a girl that sat about 4 seats away from me was crying her eyes out. The teacher walked in, took her out in the hall real quick to talk, then came back in alone. Our teacher told us that he sent the student home. We weren’t sure why she got to go back to her dorm, but we were still stuck in class. In that instance he explained to us why. He said that our classmate’s brother worked at the Twin Towers and she had no clue if he was okay. Instantly, that jealousy I had towards that student for getting to leave class early disappeared. She was now dealing with something that none of us had any clue how we would react to. She did not come back to that class that day, or ever. I never saw her again and I have always wondered what happened to her and her family. I am not sure f her brother got out, or if he was one of the fallen heroes in that tragic event. Either way I know that her and her family would never be the same. What I did not realize at the time was that I and everyone I knew would never be the same either.


UConn cancelled classes the rest of the day, which, if you have ever been to UConn, you know that is unheard of (unless we won the National Championship in Men’s basketball, UConn women get no love on campus.) I went back to my apartment and spent the rest of the day glued to the TV, trying to make sense of what was happening, and why, and how. No answers came that day, and some still have never been answered. Sports were cancelled. News stations only carried news about the Towers. Even the sports machine ESPN turned into CNN for the rest of the day. There were no highlights of Bonds hitting homeruns, just saddened sportscasters trying to figure out this mess just like the rest of us. As the towers crumbled into dust I could almost hear America, as a whole, crying. We had friends that called us up just to tell us that they loved us. I remember one friend who called and talked to all four of us living in our apartment because he just wanted to make sure we knew that he cared and truly hoped that this evilness he was witnessing would never touch any of us. It was pure and it was real, something Americans seem to lack more often than not. We should not wait till tragedy strikes to tell the ones we care for how much we love them in our lives. Do it every day, every chance because life is fleeting.


The fragileness and delicateness of life was one of the major lessons I took from that unparallel tragedy. Here I am, almost eleven years later, and I feel the need to write about it because those feelings I had that day have never left me and I am pretty sure they have not left ANYONE who is old enough to remember the impact it had on the nation. September 12th, 2001 was the first day of a new America, a New World. It was a chance for people to be better, to be nicer, to embrace differences more and work to make the world more harmonious. It was a new start for not only America, but the World. If we, as humans, harnessed that emotion we felt while watching the Towers fall everyday in our lives I like to think that we would be better towards one another. I like to think that if we rode that way of loving, positive nature we would be living in a world with less "haters" and more "lovers." But of all those things that I like to think about, of all those things that world could make the world better I still find myself thinking most about one single moment:


Did that girl from my class ever get to see her brother again????


Spread Love, Spread Peace

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