Saturday, April 8, 2017

1 Bomb, 2 Bombs! Red, White, Blue Bombs!

One bomb

Two bombs

Red, white, blue bombs.

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Black bomb blue bombs

Old bombs new bombs.

Image result for tomahawk missile

This one can blow up a car!

This one can blow up a star!


What a lot of bombs there are!

Yes. Some are red.

And some are blue.

Some are old.

And some are new.

Some are sad.

And some are rad.

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But all are very, very bad.

Why are they sad and rad and bad?

If you don't know

Go ask your dad.

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Some are thin.

And some are fat.

The fat one is yellow at that.

Image result for fat man bomb

From there to here

From here to there

Image result for bombing in syria

Fucking bombs are everywhere!

There are bombs that make you run

But leave you done

In the hot, hot sun.

Image result for death after explosion in yemen

Oh me! Oh my!

Oh me! Oh my!

What a lot of body parts fly by!

Sometimes two feet

And some times four.

Some times six feet

And some times more!

Where do bombs come from?




We can shoot our bombs from a long, long way.

We send them off

We let them go.

Some die fast

And some die slow.

Some shoot high

And some shoot low.

Each one of them

Worse than the other.

Don’t ask us why

We killed your mother.


Look at those fingers!

Image result for dismembered fingers

One, two, three…

How many fingers do I see?

One, two, three, four

Five, six, seven

Eight, nine, ten.

I see eleven!


This is something new.

Man, I love bombs!

How about you?

I Love You All...Class Dismissed. 

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