Friday, July 1, 2016

The 36th Chamber

As I enter the 36th chamber, my 36th year
I reflect on my life and I shed a slight tear
For the loved ones lost, people, pets and hair
For the knot in my lower back, as big as a pear
For the increasing pollution on land, sea and air
If you pay close attention, you’ll see it’s all there:
Death, decay, and corruption, year after year
Soak it all in, it aint going nowhere.

Man, life sucks.

But if you look at the right things, it all becomes clear.
The things that really matter, they’re also right here.
The love that we give, the moments we share
With our friends, with our families, the people who care.
There will always be tragedy, life isn’t fair.
But beauty and positivity can be found everywhere.

Declining bball skills and back pain make me jeer
But friends and an amazing woman keep me in good cheer.
Most days id rather watch tv and recline in a chair
Than party or get dressed up and go out anywhere
The kids call that “washed” but what do I care?

Oh damn, I’ve become a cliché…my biggest fear!

I’m an old man! How the hell did I get here!
I was a college kid like…just last week, I swear!
Where did the time go? Where, where, WHERE?
I was gonna be in the NBA! Its Most Valuable Player!
Now I watch Game of Thrones and yell at the kingslayer

While Eating ice cream on the couch, smiling ear to ear.
Is it possible that Im actually…happy here?

Indeed I am, happier than ever, looking forward to my 36th year.


I love you all...Class Dismissed.

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