Friday, May 6, 2016

How is Supporting Donald Trump Racist? (Answered in 1 Sentence)

The other day a friend asked me why it has recently become popular to call all Donald Trump supporters racist. It's a fair question. No it's not. It's a dumb question, for a few reasons. First, it's not just recently. I have been labeling Donald Trump supporters racist for almost  a year. And I'm not the only one.

I'm just the only one that made this very convenient vine.

The other reason why it's a dumb question is because there is no shortage of evidence that Donald Trump is a racist with racist beliefs, actions, and policies. I mean seriously, if you have paid attention to Donald Trump even the slightest bit in the past 30 years, his racism (amongst other things) is obvious.

But I understand that some people don't equate supporting a racist as being racist itself. That's fucking stupid, but it is not an uncommon belief. Nobody wants to be seen as a racist. And supporting Donald Trump isn't like calling someone the n-word or refusing to serve a black guy at a restaurant or something blatantly racist like that. You love black people! You eat lunch with the black guy at work! You just happen to think Donald Trump is the best guy to run the country!

Well, guess what? That's racist as shit!

If you are still unsure of why supporting Donald Trump makes you a racist, let me explain in one sentence:

If you support Donald Trump, you support a guy that wants to ban an entire religious group from the US; a guy that has the full support of the KKK and has not denounced their support in any way; a guy whose father was either in the KKK or had close ties with them; a guy who will not admonish his fans when they use racial/ethnic slurs; a guy who will not admonish his fans, and in fact encourages them, when they attack protesters or random immigrants;  a guy who was sued by the Justice Department for the racist housing policies of his real estate firm in New York; a guy who bought an $85,000 advertisement in the New York Post damn near begging the state to kill 5 young black men for a rape they didn't commit; a guy who still has not apologized to those 5 young black men after they were found not guilty; a guy who thinks eating a taco bowl equates to cultural outreach to "The Hispanics"; a guy who wants to deport millions of those same Hispanics; a guy who's main policy initiative is literally the dumbest idea in the world--building a giant wall on the border between our southern neighbor and ally; a guy who calls those same neighbors and allies murderers and rapists; a guy who claims the border wall is for national security but has never mentioned a wall on our northern border to "protect" us against our more light skinned neighbors; a guy who is so blinded by racism that he doesn't realize at least 40% of undocumented immigrants come here legally on work or student visas and never cross  the Mexican border; a guy who hates immigrants but doesn't realize most new immigrants are coming from India and China and never cross the Mexican border; a guy who thinks Mexicans are so dumb that they don't know how to use tunnels (or, I don't know, planes?) to cross the border; a guy who thinks "The Blacks" and "The Hispanics" and "The Women" love him yet doesn't realize he has historically low support among those groups; a guy who wants to ignore international rules of engagement and kill the entire families of terrorists (only Islamic terrorists, though); a guy who wants to "kick China's ass"; a guy who single-handedly legitimized the Birther movement against Barack Obama and still hasn't provided the proof he claimed to have; if you support all of that, then yes, that makes you a racist.

Any other questions?

I Love You All (Even Donald Trump Supporters Racists, But Only Because Love is the Only Thing That Conquers Hate)...Class Dismissed. 

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