Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stoned Willy Poonhound: Late Night Creep

late night creep
cuz no sleep
in too deep
cheap wit tha highs
steep wit tha lows
keep wit me bros
beef wit me foes
skeet on broke hoes
weeks on NoDoz
fresh wit tha clothes
stanky wit tha O's
munchin oreos
rockin boat shoes
chuggin jesus juice
on a booze cruise
movin real smooth
new rendezvous
never count ewes
never eat moos
means i wont snooze
and i dont chews
on that cowhide
askin how'd i
do that there
oh who that there
that'll never lose
thats old news
thats no news
lets trade twos
for cold brews
love for all
thats no ruse
no fun to ball
that cold cooz
not for nothing
got spots for stuffin
got slits to fit in
got tops of muffins
got pots to shit in
got cars to get in
get out
of my dreams
get out
of my head
way that
it may seem
gone out
of my mind
when out
of my bread
runnin out
of my time
runnin over
yer head
outta luck no shit
outta fucks to give
one life
to live
too much
to ask
do much
no task
too great
no fate
too sealed
do great
be real
cop eights
cop feels
no wait
no weight
mind soul
spirit body
feelin godly
mental oddly
illuminate broadly
for worlds to see
got worlds to see
got a star to be
not hard to be
comes naturally
got nature in me
my words
the sword
top caliber
hard to handle
guard my mantle
peace my angle
death my angel
Chuck my Rangel
watch me dangle
over sarlacc pits
and harelip kids
dont care with this
sick flow
sic bo
know me
i be


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